Advantages of Using Hydro Excavating Services to Dig a Septic Tank

Before a septic tank can be constructed, it is essential to remove the topsoil to create a hole for the septic tank. Traditionally, contractors have used shovels, picks, and hoes to dig the septic tank hole, which is time-consuming and relatively inefficient. However, there is a more efficient way to dig a septic tank hole using hydro excavating services.

Hydro excavating combines pressurized water and a powerful vacuum to dig a hole more precisely and with less time and effort. The pressurized water gets blasted into the soil to break it up while the powerful vacuum scoops up all the debris leaving a hole.

Most people have yet to understand the benefits of utilizing hydro-excavating services when constructing a septic tank. Here are four advantages of using this state-of-the-art digging method.

Preventing the Damage of Utility Lines

In most cases, when an individual decides to construct a septic tank, one of the most common hindrances is underground utility lines in the area. During the digging process for a septic tank, contractors often damage utility lines using drills and hoes. As a result, the damaged utility lines cause additional expenses because you have to cover the cost of repairing the damage.

However, if you opt for hydro-excavating services, you can prevent such a scenario because this process doesn't involve using any tools that could potentially damage underground utility lines. Instead, pressurized water gets utilized to loosen the soil as opposed to digging with sharp tools. Thus, with hydro-excavating services, it is harder to damage underground utility lines.

Saving Time and Money

When you hire contractors to manually dig a septic tank hole using hoes, picks, and shovels, the digging job takes up a considerable amount of time. As a result, the wages for the contractors can quickly rack up because they get paid by the hour. However, using a hydro-excavating contractor for the digging work can easily save you time and money. For one, hydro-excavating is a lot faster than using picks, shovels, and hoes to dig a hole. 

Thus, the amount of time taken to dig a hole using a hydro excavator is only a fraction of what it takes a team of contractors to dig a hole manually. Thus, by minimizing the amount of time it takes to dig the hole, you get to save money on labor costs because the hours billed will be minimal.

Digging Precisely 

When digging a hole manually, there is a possibility the hole will either be slightly larger or smaller than the intended size. As a result, there is a high likelihood that the septic hole may need to either get extended or refilled to compensate for the size difference. Such adjustments complicate the work process and thus extend the time it takes to complete the job, which translates to more expenses. 

However, hydro excavation is more precise because the digging process is automated and requires minimal human interference. Hence, by hiring a hydro-excavating contractor, the dimensions of the hole get achieved with the utmost precision. Therefore ensuring the septic tank gets fitted appropriately.

Cleaning Up

Manually digging a septic hole leaves a lot of soil and debris in the dig area, which can often harm the appearance of your compound. Sometimes, you have to hire a site cleanup crew to clear the area of the leftover debris from the dig.

However, a hydro excavation service includes a powerful vacuum that scopes up all the debris resulting from the dig. Thus, a hydro-excavator digs a hole and collects the debris simultaneously. Hence, you get to maintain a clean compound by using a hydro-excavating contractor.