Have A Septic Tank? What You Should Know About Cleaning It

The home you live in will either have a private septic tank or connection to a city sewer system. If your house has a private septic tank, you will be responsible for maintaining it. The main way to maintain a septic tank is through regular pumping services. Here are several things you should know about cleaning your septic tank if you have one on your property.

Why You Need to Clean It

The first thing you will need to learn about is the reason you need to clean your septic tank. A septic tank is a container that holds your waste. It filters the liquids from the solids. The system forces the liquids out and holds the solids. Over time, the tank fills up. A septic tank can only hold so much before it runs out of room. Cleaning your tank is necessary to remove the built-up solids from the system.

How to Get It Cleaned

You can hire a plumber or septic company to clean your tank. Failing to clean it will result in problems with the system, and the costs can be expensive to repair if the system malfunctions. If you want to save money, you should get it pumped regularly. You can also save money by locating the tank before the septic company arrives to pump it. You may also want to dig the area by the cover to make sure it's exposed. When the company arrives, they will use a hose with suction to empty the tank.

Signs You Need to Hire a Company to Pump It

If you want to properly maintain your tank, you might want to get on a regular pumping schedule. You might want to aim to get it pumped every two to three years, but a septic company can tell you the best timeframe to use for your system. If you do not pump it regularly, you will need to know the signs to watch for that indicate you need septic pumping services.

The first sign is backups with your plumbing fixtures. If sewage starts coming up through your drains, it means that the tank is full or there is a clog preventing it from draining properly. Secondly, standing water in your yard can point to an urgent need for septic tank services.

Your septic system is a vital part of your home, as it processes all the wastewater from your house. As a result, keeping it clean is a vital part of home maintenance. To schedule services for septic tank pumping, contact a plumber or septic company in your city.