What Can A Plumber Do To Clean Your Pipes?

Dirty drainpipes can make it hard for the wastewater to leave your house. If you are worried about your drainpipes being overly dirty and getting clogged up, you need to seek some professional help. You need to talk to a plumber to have them come out to your house so that they can check your pipes and clean them out. So, how is a plumber going to clean your drains out and get them working again?

Take a Look

One of the things that the plumber is going to do is try to figure out exactly where the problem is. One way that they can do that is to run a camera through your pipes. The camera will be on the end of a fiber optic cable. The cable is flexible which means that it will be able to go around corners and bends in the pipes. The end of the cable will be attached to a monitor so that the plumber can have a real-time view of what is going on in your pipes. That will allow the plumber to pinpoint the problem's location and let them make a plan as to what they should do to get your pipes clean. 

Snake It

Once the plumber knows what and where the problem is, they may decide that the best way to handle the problem is to use a mechanized auger, also called a snake. This tool will have a screw or claw at the end, and as the auger gets run down through the pipes, it will break down any clogs and let them be washed down the drains. If that doesn't work or that isn't the problem, then it's time for the plumber to move on to other options. 

Jet It

Another option is to use a HydroJet. This is a nozzle that will put out a very powerful pressurized spray. It can be used to get rid of really stubborn clogs and really dirty pipes. But, if the problem is that your pipes are blocked by roots or something similar, the HydroJet nozzle can cut through the roots so that they can be pulled out of the pipes so that water can get running again. 

If your pipes are clogged or are slowing down, then you need to make sure that they get cleaned out so that they will work again. Call a plumber and have them come check out your pipes for you. They are going to have several options as to how they can handle the problem. 

For more information on drain cleaning, contact a company near you.