Water Heaters: A Look Into The Types And Installation

Today, most people consider having a water heater at home because these appliances provide a reliable hot water supply, use up less space, and are incredibly durable. Besides, modern water heaters are highly energy-efficient and therefore helpful in cutting bills. If you are considering installing a water heater and don't know where to start, don't fret, you're in the right place. This article contains all you need to know about water heaters and the available options.

What are Water Heaters?

As the name suggests, water heaters are devices designed to heat cold water and facilitate the retention of a somewhat elevated temperature. That is why they are essential for every homeowner who needs heated water for bathing, doing laundry, cleaning dishes, cooking, or executing other house chores. Typical water heaters do their job using electric heating elements or burners, depending on the type of equipment used.

Common Types of Water Heaters

The most common water heaters you'll likely encounter in the market today include:

1. Conventional water heaters

Typical conventional water heaters, also known as hot water tanks, are used to heat, store, and provide hot water when you need it. When you use this type of water heater, taking a hot shower, for instance, uses up heated water already stored in the tank. Therefore, your tank's capacity determines the amount of hot water at your disposal. A hot water tank prevents heated water from cooling while it is in storage as it is insulated, which curbs heat loss.

2. Solar water heaters

As you may have already learned, solar water heaters use sunshine to heat the water. Since the sun is largely a free energy source, these appliances are extremely cost-effective. Solar water heaters need solar thermal collectors to function effectively. Generally, these are flat metal plates designed to intercept and absorb sunlight, facilitating heat collection. If you prefer a greener and cheaper solution, solar water heaters are ideal for you.

3. Tankless water heaters

A tankless water heater is also called a continuous flow or instantaneous water heater. This device heats water as it flows through and typically doesn't facilitate hot water storage. Therefore, if your household needs require a fast or on-demand hot water supply, a tankless water heater will likely meet your expectations. Most of these heaters are fit for use in hot tubs and average bathrooms or boosting appliances like dishwashers.

Get Expert Installation         

If your home needs a water heater, it's advisable to let experts handle the installation. That is the best way of ensuring you end up with properly-installed, state-of-the-art equipment guaranteed to provide a reliable supply of hot water. Besides, water heater experts take less time to complete the task and do so with prowess and finesse. Contact a water heater installation service near you to learn more.