Maintaining The Sewer Line And Drains In Your Home

Keeping the drains and sewer line clear and running efficiently is critical in any home. Drain cleaning is not always done as often as it should be, but a professional drain cleaning service can remove buildup and blockages in the lines for you and help ensure the system removes water and waste the way it was designed when the builder installed the plumbing.

Signs You Need Drain Cleaning

Often you will be able to tell when the drains in your home begin to build up material in them and need professional drain cleaning. The drains will often run slow, you may hear gurgling and other noises when the drain is emptying, and in extreme cases, one drain may back up when another is in use.

If you are careful about what you put in the drains in your home, you can extend the time between cleanings, but professional service should do drain cleaning in every home every few years. The size of the house, the number of people living in it, and the way you use the drains can all impact the time frame between cleanings, so talk with a drain cleaning service if you need help determining when your home needs it.

General Drain Cleaning

A drain cleaning service can quickly clean any material from inside the sewer lines and drains in your home using high-pressure water to blast the material off the pipe's interior walls without damaging anything. The drain cleaning starts with opening the cleanout in the sewer line and inserting a flexible high-pressure hose into the pipe. 

The hose is advanced up the pipe while water is pumped in to clean the walls, and debris coming off the inside of the pipe can run directly into the sewer system as it comes free. A special nozzle is used to ensure the entire inside of the pipe is cleaned, not just a few areas, and if a blockage is encountered, the drain cleaning service can use the water pressure to break it up from the bottom side, allowing it to flush down the line as it breaks up. This is more effective than clearing it from the top, and this method is often used when the clog is too entrenched to remove it any other way.

Once the line is clear, there are some products that the drain cleaning service can use to coat the inside of the pipe to seal the walls and help reduce the chances that the line will develop problems in the future. Keeping grease, food scraps, and other materials out of the drain will help reduce the likelihood of problems. The drain cleaning service can give you some guidance on what is safe for your sewer line.