Signs That Your Septic Tank Is In Need Of Residential Septic Tank Services

Residential septic tank services include pumping out the contents at regular intervals, inspections, and repairs. If you take good care of your tank by having it cleaned on schedule, you may never need to pay for septic tank repairs. However, accidents can happen, so when you suspect a problem with your tank, you should call a septic tank service without delay. These are signs your septic tank needs to be cleaned or repaired.

Black Water Or Sludge Backs Up Your Drains

If your tank backs up and fills your tub, sink, or toilet with black sludge, you may need emergency septic tank repairs. Waste from a septic tank is toxic, and you don't want your family to get near it. Waste can back up in your home if the tank gets too full, but the problem might also be a clog in the tank from tree roots, too much water going down your drains at once, or a collapsed pipe that's obstructing waste flow.

You may not be able to use your plumbing when waste starts backing up in your house since the water that goes down the drain has no place to go. You'll want this situation repaired as soon as possible to keep sewage from contaminating your home.

Your Toilet Clogs Frequently

If you can't get your toilet to flush and empty with enough force, or if you hear gurgling when you flush, the problem could be a clog in the tank or line leading to the tank. If you can't clear the problem with flushing or a drain snake, you may need to hire a plumber to use a hydro jet to blast tree roots out of the tank. Tree roots are a common problem with sewer lines and septic tanks, and you'll probably need a professional's help to clear them.

Your Yard Has Standing Water

When sewage mixes with dirt, it might be difficult to tell if the contaminated water is spilling into your yard. However, if you see standing puddles of water, especially if the water has a foul odor, that's a sign waste is leaking from your septic tank or that the drain field isn't working properly. This is another serious problem since the waste contaminates your yard and it could possibly contaminate the groundwater or your well water.

Your Well Water Is Contaminated

If your well is far enough from your septic tank and it's a deep well, the risk of contamination from a septic tank leak is low. Plus, you'll probably notice other signs of a septic system failure before your well becomes contaminated. If you discover problems with your well water because of a routine test or because of the way the water looks or smells, call a contractor for help. The problem could be a leaky septic tank, and you'll want to have the tank repaired and your well disinfected before you continue to use the water. 

For more information, contact a local company that offers residential septic tank services