3 Situations That Call For A Video Sewer Line Inspection

A video pipe inspection involves a technician using a high-resolution video camera on a flexible pole to check your sewer line. An LED light connected to the camera provides light to record as technicians watch the live video. Whereas plumbers use videos in different circumstances, here are situations where you can request video sewer line inspection.

1. Before You Buy a House

Real estate appraisers perform many inspections on houses and plumbing systems. However, underground pipes aren't often included in the basic inspection. Your prospective home should be free of significant drainage or sewer problems. Otherwise, you'll use much money, time, and effort to correct underlying problems.

A video pipe inspection is especially vital if you want to buy an older home or one surrounded by many trees. You'll get detailed information about your sewer line's condition up to the municipal wastewater. Also, some old neighborhoods use laterals to connect many homes without specified easements in the deeds. So, you'll be better off knowing whether you share a line with others.

2. When You Get Repeated Sewer Problems

Repeated backups and clogs indicate that you potentially have a problem beyond your indoor plumbing systems. You don't have to waste money to free your pipe only to get another obstruction after a short time. Instead, schedule a video pipe inspection to locate and fix the exact problem entirely.

If you have one lousy spot that causes the recurrent problem, you'll need a spot repair on the said section. Sometimes, you get a terrible sewer line that calls for a replacement. Yet, at other times, proper maintenance does the magic. With all the possible solutions to different problems, you can only get the right solution if you have an accurate diagnosis.

3. When Your Plumbing System Is Aged

Many sewer problems develop gradually and go unnoticed for a long time until you suffer significant damage. So, if your sewer pipes are decades old, you might have a hidden problem. Video pipe inspections are beneficial to determine whether you have infiltration or hidden breaks. Hidden sewer line leaks leak wastewater into the nearby soil and contaminate nearby water sources, e.g., wells.

Tree root infiltration is another issue that commences long before your drains start to backup. Nonetheless, root infiltration often results in slow drains, a problem many homeowners ignore. But, with a video pipe inspection, you tell the exact point where the infiltration is for a quick and easier fix.


A video inspection shows whether your line is in good condition or needs repair, replacement, or maintenance. As a result, you get an accurate diagnosis of current and potential future problems. So, if you are in any of the above situations, don't hesitate to request a video pipe inspection.