4 Reasons to Consider Septic Tank Pumping Before Winter

Several factors can determine how regularly you pump your septic tank. The most important factors include the size of your septic tank and the number of people using the facility. Unless it is an emergency, you might want to avoid emptying the system during winter. If you cannot remember when you pumped the tank last, consider calling the septic specialists to inspect the effluent level to determine when to empty the tank. This piece will discuss why it's advisable to schedule septic tank pumping before winter.

1. It Could Be Inaccessible

Winter often comes with a lot of challenges, from cold weather to snow. Over time, snow might build up around the house, including the area above the tank. This could make the access lid to the tank inaccessible. If you don't know the exact area where the tank sits, it could mean digging up the snow to locate it, which is tedious, uncomfortable, and time-consuming. Septic tank pumping becomes easier during warmer months when the tank is easily accessible.

2. Make Repairs Possible

After emptying the tank, specialists recommend cleaning the system for easy inspection of the structure. If they find cracks or damages in the drain field, tank, or pipe, they can fix them and prolong the system's lifespan.

Undertaking repairs after emptying the system might be hard during winter. If it's too cold, there's a chance the tank and its components might freeze. This might make inspection and repairs almost impossible. Therefore, consider emptying the tank and taking measures to winterize the entire system. This would also allow you to make necessary repairs so you won't have to deal with emergency septic tank problems.

3. Encourage Bacterial Activity

Your septic facility depends on bacterial activity to facilitate the breakdown of waste into water and prevent the rapid build-up of the effluent. Unfortunately, bacteria may not be very active during the cold season. If you empty the tank during winter, it will take a lot of time for the bacteria to manage the wastewater. This might turn into a disaster. It is thus best to empty the tank during warmer months. The bacteria will multiply and work on the waste before the cold sets in.

4. Cost-Effectiveness

Some homeowners wait until it is too late to empty the septic tank facility. As a result, you might need to schedule emergency services, which will be expensive. If you are waiting for the tank to fill up but suspect the timeframe will fall during winter, perhaps you should empty the system before the cold season sets in. You save a lot of money by avoiding the tough winter conditions and emergency services.

The best time to empty your tank is when it is full. However, consider scheduling the service during warmer months to make the process easier and less expensive. Do you think it's time to empty your tank? Contact septic pumping professionals for assistance and timely septic pumping services.