Need Service? Questions To Ask Yourself Before Septic Services

If your septic tank has been acting a bit sluggish lately, now's the time to schedule a service call. If it's been a few years since your last service call, you might notice that your toilets are taking a little longer to flush. Or, you might notice some gurgling in the drains. Prompt service will help you extend the life of your septic system. Here are four questions to ask yourself when scheduling septic services. 

Is Your Septic Accessible?

If you're scheduled for septic servicing, the first thing you need to do is check accessibility. The septic service provider needs to get their truck right up to the septic field. If they can't, they'll need to reschedule the appointment. To avoid that type of delay, make sure the area is accessible before they arrive. If the septic field is in a gated area, make sure the gate is open. If your yard is cluttered, be sure to clear a path to the septic system. 

Are the Tank Lids Uncovered?

If you need to have your septic tanks serviced, it's time to uncover the lids. To do that, you'll need to dig holes down to the lids. You could leave the digging to the septic service company, but that can increase the cost of the service. Plus, it will take extra time to get the servicing taken care of. Don't forget to uncover both lids. You might think that there's only one lid to worry about, but that's not the case. Your septic system has two tanks that need to be serviced. The first tank holds the solid waste, and the second tank holds the liquid waste. 

Do You Have Service Records?

If it's time to service your septic system, don't forget about the records. The service records will tell your septic care providers what type of services your septic system needs. There are a couple of reasons why you wouldn't have septic service records. First, you've recently bought an existing home. Second, you've recently built a new home. If you don't have any service records, let your septic provider know. They can start a new service file for you. That way, you can track your septic system from this time forward. 

Have You Hired a Professional? 

If your septic system needs to be serviced, make sure you've hired a professional septic care provider. If you're not using the right septic service provider, your system might not get the service it needs. Not only that, but improper service could cause serious damage to your septic system. To avoid the problems, start with a professional septic service provider.  

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