A Simple Procedure On How To Clean Out The Septic System

If you have installed a septic tank in your residence, you need to regularly maintain it. Cleaning out contents is one of the most important maintenance tasks you should perform on the tank. During the residential septic cleaning process, the sludge compacted at the bottom of the tank should be cleared out to keep the tank functioning smoothly. But how does a professional go about cleaning the tank? Here is a simple procedure they will follow in cleaning out the system.

Access the Tank

The first thing that the plumbing professional will do is to search for the tank to know where it is buried. They will follow the sewer pipeline if they have no clue where it is located. If the tank is buried below the ground, they will dig in noninvasively to access the top of the tank. The lid should be removed so that assessments can begin.

Conduct a Thorough Inspection of the Tank

After accessing the tank, a thorough inspection should be conducted to assess whether there are any faults. For instance, the sewer professional will assess whether there are cracks or other faults in the tank. You should take note of these damages before the cleaning exercise begins. If you have a baffle, the filter should be inspected. Depending on the extent of damage, the professional could recommend that it is fixed before the cleaning starts.

Test the Sludge Depth

Before the cleaning exercise begins, the sewer professional will conduct some tests on the scum layer and sludge to know the depth. They will use the PVC pipes to test the depth of the septic sludge. Once they stick the pipes in the sludge layer, they will stain after a few minutes. The stain on the sludge will be measured to see how deep it goes.

Clean Out the Septic Tank

At this point, the tank is now ready to be cleaned or pumped. The expert will use a pump to take out solids that have not been broken down by bacteria. These solids will be placed into a container for safe disposal. This exercise is very important because it will protect you from costly repair issues down the line. It should be performed every three to five years to enhance the performance of the system.

This is the procedure that should be followed when cleaning out the septic tank. Remember, the cleaning exercise is a job that should only be done by residential septic cleaning professionals. They have the skills and equipment to quickly and safely clean out the system. 

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