What Factors Affect Septic Tank Cleaning Expenses?

If your home is not linked to the public sewer lines, consider installing a septic tank for wastewater treatment. The bacteria in the tank break down solid and liquid waste, then direct the treated water into a drain field. The remaining solid waste settles at the bottom, but property owners must remove them after some time. This process is called septic pumping, and it restores the functionality of the wastewater treatment system.

Septic tank cleaning expenses differ depending on several factors. This post will outline these factors to make it easier to compare charges once you get quotations from septic tank cleaning companies. 

Size of Tank 

Septic tanks come in various sizes. Therefore, pumping costs will vary from one tank to another. If you have a smaller tank, you will pay less to clean it out than a homeowner with a higher-capacity tank. A bigger tank requires a larger pump truck or two trucks to accommodate the sludge. 

Property owners who do not have drain fields will need a larger truck for the additional water.


The location of your home will affect the cost of septic tank cleaning. While different service providers charge different rates for varying regions, you should expect to pay more if you reside in an urban area. The charges are usually higher in highly populated areas than in rural areas. After all, septic services may have trouble navigating their equipment to get to their clients.


If you produce more wastewater daily, you should expect to pump out your septic tank more often. Using large quantities of water to perform household tasks and putting more food waste into the drain will make you pump the tank often. Also, you may need the services sooner if you regularly hold gatherings with many guests. If you can control sewer usage, you might reduce expenses.

Additional Services

Sometimes, septic cleaning companies charge for extra services. These services will increase the cost of cleaning your tank. For instance, if the professionals need to assess the sewer line using cameras, your service costs will increase. Fortunately, they will fix all sewer line problems, including clogs and leakages.

Also, if there are spills on the grass because the tank is full, you might need a yard cleanup service. The cleaning experts will disinfect the area and restore cleanliness.

Most companies that pump out and clean septic tanks offer competitive rates, so do not do it yourself. Instead, get several quotations and choose the provider offering quality services at a reasonable price.