Renting Portable Restrooms For Your Outdoor Event

If you are making plans for a large event you are holding outdoors, having bathrooms available for guests is an absolute must. Rather than opting for smaller porta-potties for guests to use, consider upgrading to portable restrooms. There are several advantages over smaller units to keep in mind when making a decision on what type of bathrooms to have available during your event.

Larger Restrooms Reduce Wait Times For Guests

When you have individual porta-potties onsite, there is a possibility those attending your event will need to wait in a line for their turn to use the units. This causes guests to miss out on joining in on the fun of your event if they need to spend a lot of time away from it to use the bathrooms. To keep your guests engaged with the event itself rather than having to wait in lines, use portable full-sized restrooms instead. These offer several stalls, so guests can get in and out and back to the activities you have planned for the event. 

Portable Restrooms Have Upgraded Features

Porta-potties get the job done by providing guests with a place to go to the bathroom, but they do not have all the bells and whistles as full-sized rented bathrooms do. Portable restrooms have several options available to choose from including running water, electricity, speakers to pump out music, mirrors, and countertops. If you are holding a fancy event, such as a wedding or company function, portable restrooms are considered optimal over individual units. Guests will have the opportunity to relax in provided chairs in the unit or check on their appearance before they get back to the event.

Larger Restrooms Are Less Likely To Tip

While it is difficult for a porta-potty to tip over without help from a person, it can happen if weather conditions are unfavorable or if it is positioned improperly on the ground. Larger restrooms do not pose this type of hazard, making them great options if you are unsure about ground conditions or the weather that will be present during your event. The service renting you the units will help with the selection of a proper location for the restrooms to sit so they are secure and out of the way of the event activities you have planned. The safety of portable restrooms is not an issue, letting you enjoy the event without having to check on the units for problems.

Reach out to portable restroom rental services near you to learn more.