Why Use Aeration Systems To Treat Wastewater?

Adding an aeration system to wastewater can boost your treatment efficiency. If you add oxygen to this water, then you will see some specific treatment and cost benefits. What are they?

Speed up Treatment Times

Different wastewater treatments take different amounts of time to process the water. For example, if you rely on chemical treatments, then you have to wait for the chemicals to work, or if you don't use the right treatments, then your processing times will increase. If your wastewater develops problems during slow treatment processes, such as biological side effects and low pH levels, then you have to do more work on the water. The more work you have to do, the longer it takes to process the water.

Aeration systems work fast. They introduce oxygen into the water. This oxygen feeds the natural bacteria in wastewater. It enables the bacteria to break down organic matter efficiently. This bacteria works fast in the right conditions. With enough oxygen, it will process your wastewater a lot faster.

Reduce Processing Problems

If you don't find the right wastewater treatment, then you might run into processing problems. Slow and ineffective treatments can affect the way that organic matter breaks down. They can cause environmental problems. For example, if you don't break down organic matter fast, then it will start to smell. The area around your treatment tanks will have a nasty odor. Plus, you could inadvertently release harmful substances. For example, ineffective treatments can lead to the release of methane gas and hydrogen sulfide. Aeration systems don't have these processing problems. They break up organic waste fast so that it can't build up bad odors. They also prevent the formation of harmful gases.

Get More Cost-Effective Processing

Different wastewater treatments have different costs. For example, if you use chemicals to process wastewater, then you have to buy suitable products over and over again. Plus, if you have to mitigate against problems, such as the build-up of odors or harmful substances, then your costs increase. You'll have to find products and systems to deal with these problems.

Aeration systems are more cost-effective. Once you have a system in place, it simply needs a regular supply of air. You won't need to buy chemicals or additional treatments. Your processing costs will be lower.

To get started, contact wastewater aeration system suppliers, such as Titus Industrial Group Inc, and ask about their products. They can help you choose the right system for your facility.