Septic Tank Issues That Mean You Need Septic Tank Pumping

There are areas of the country where a septic tank is a standard for residential homes. If you move to one of these areas and have never had a septic tank, you may experience issues. For example, you may not know when to have the septic tank pumped. Here are some of the issues you may experience that indicate you need septic tank pumping

Slow or Backed Up Drains 

The first sign you may notice of issues with your septic system is in your drains. if your drains are moving slowly, you may initially think they are clogged. In fact, you may decide to go ahead and try to clear the drain. If you find this step does not help, and the drain is still moving slowly, it could be your tank. If you begin to notice the water backing up into your drains, showers, and toilets then you should call a septic company as soon as possible. The backing up is a sign the tank is becoming full or is overflowing and flowing back into the only space it has, your pipes. 

Drain and Outdoor Odors

One issue you may have both inside and outside of the home deals with odors. You may begin to notice a strong odor near your sink drains. This odor may be foul or very earthy. You may also notice the same kind of smell outdoors. If the smell persists, it could be your septic tank system. These odors are a sign the system is not working properly and may be full or becoming full. 

Lush Sponge-Like Grass

You may begin to notice something different about your lawn. In the area over your septic tank, you may notice a difference in how the grass is growing. If you start noticing the grass growing very lush, test out the area. If the soil in the area feels spongy and wet, you likely have a leak in your septic system. This leak can be directly connected to the tank becoming full and needing pumping. 

If you begin to notice any of these issues with your tank, contact your local septic tank pumping service contractor. Explain the issues you are having to the contractor. They will arrive at your property and inspect the area. If a septic tank pumping is necessary, they will notify you. You can then move forward with the pumping or with scheduling an appointment for pumping.